E-Ride Folding bike

Fast Folding and Lightweight frame

E-Ride or E-Ride Plus
E-Ride = 12 inch wheel bike
E-Ride Plus = 14 inch wheel bike.
High quality of Aluminum steel frame.
Shimano internal 3 speed gear hub.
Assistant moving wheel available.
Folding handlebar
The weight is only 11 Kg.



It's convenient to pull into little space

After folding in vertical form, Lekuma folding bike has assistant wheel to pull easily. It has very small size after folding in vertical form. This is equal to an area that covers one A4 paper.

It's easy to take folding bike on public transport

The folding mechanism is designed for people to fold the bike within few seconds. It's easy to fold it up and take it on public transport. 

It's compact

You can hub on public transport if it suddendly starts to get windy or rainy. The whole bike only weighs 11Kg.

Take it with you anywhere

It's a niche product, so you don't need to lock the bike up outside. All you have to do is put at the corner of your home or office.

It makes you look cool

Our folding bike has unique appearance which is a great topic for you to start a conversation with people.

Great partner

Even if you can't find someone to have dinner together after work, Lekuma foding bike would be standing next to you. If people see you fold your bike up, they probably will come up and eat together.


E-Ride Plus / E-Ride basic specification

6061 Aluminum alloy
14" / 12"
Folded size
112 x 30 x 51 (cm) / 106 x 30 x 40 (cm)
Weight and height limit
110 Kg / 140 - 190cm
Folding time
1 - 3 seconds
Bike weight
Front c-brake and rear disc brake
Rear shift
Shimano internal 3 speed gear hub
Distance between saddle and paddle

※ Specifications & design are subject to change without notice.
  1. It’s your responsibility to understand all the local laws, and we suggest you to comply with regulations, rules, and traffic laws where you going to ride. Do not ride it into some restricted areas.
  1. Please make sure the size of wheel is suitable for you before you ride it. If the size is too small or too large for you, please contact us to exchange it.
  1. Saddle adjustment. Please make sure the saddle is clamped (no saddle movement) before riding, and the seat post clamp is locked properly.
  1. Please adjust the height of headset to match up your height, and make sure the headtube clamp is locked properly.
  1. Please make sure the handlebar quick release is clamped and no handlebar movement before riding the bike.
  1. Please make sure the quick release on the main frame is locked properly.
  1. Please fully understand how to operate your Lekuma E-ride before you ride it for the first time. If you don’t understand, please ask your operator to explain the features and functions to you.
  1. Maximum load: 110 Kg / 244lbs, Height range: 140cm-195cm / 4”8 – 6”5
We are not offering online store now for international customers. Please contact local retailer store or mail service@lekumabike.com
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