Innovation is company’s life; Quality is the foundation of company’s life

  Energy saving, Carbon reduction, and Environmental protection  

Lekuma has its own factory facilities, machinery, and product lines with completely quality management and working procedure, which operated by experienced founder and technique experts. The company would also put a lot of efforts and investments in R&D department. The goal of Lekuma is to design and manufacture personal electric transportable products as identified and rebranded by another company for sale, and Lekuma would try to produce the advantage of products to attract local and foreign consumers. Innovation will never stop. Using sustainable and renewable energy as power source of our products to try our best for our living place of earth environment.

The tenet of Lekuma is that innovation is company’s life; quality is the foundation of the company; creating acceptable personal electric transportation for people to enjoy is our ultimate goal.

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Taiwan PM2.5, 36% of air pollution come from petrol vehicles and motorcycle. The major component of exhaust emissions from vehicles include CO, CO2, NO, N2O
These exhaust gas would cause global warming, and toxic substance. The amount of exhaust gas from motorcycle is 6.7 times from vehicles, These exhaust gas would also cause many disease.

Comparing to vehicles and motorcycles, riding Lekuma folding bike and folding pedelec with public transportation could lower 70% of CO, 80% of hydrocarbon,
17% of CO2. Lekuma dedicate to improve living quality, reduce air pollution, slow down environmental pollution, moreover, enhance people’s health, and put
our heart on building better future.

of CO
of hydrocarbon
of CO2